Entry fees

VAT/GST/Sales Tax is now collected at the point of purchase in many countries. Find more specific information here:
All orders to the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, etc. are subject to import duties/taxes. Many other countries have varying degrees of small package tax exemption or only have taxes for specific regions (such as individual states in the US).
While there used to be a lot of issues with Yamato and UPS charging taxes incorrectly, we’ve worked with both companies to try and make sure this doesn’t happen again.
Taxes are automatically charged on orders under specific limits. This allows packages to be delivered much faster and avoids processing fees. We suggest placing orders below these limits to pay taxes now and not pay processing fees.
Order limit to tax:
EU: €150
UK: £135
OUTPUT: $1,000
Norway: NOK 3,000
Click here for more information.
If you order above these limits, you will not be charged taxes using Etsy’s payment system, but you will be responsible for paying them once the package arrives in your country.
We suggest paying by bank transfer to avoid credit card processing fees and currency exchange fees. This can save you 5-9% depending on the size and location of your order.
Find more information here:
**Updated April 13, 2022.**

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