Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival – Closing

The Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival has wrapped up the year and we wanted to thank everyone for coming! It was a wonderful day rich in Japanese art and culture. We brought a wonderfully large selection of matsuri-worthy yukatas and kimonos. To our surprise, a good amount of iromuji was sold to several people who were chado students. Throughout the day, we were honored to be many people’s first authentic kimono experience, and had a wonderful time with so many smiling faces. Even better, the selection of new plus size yukatas we had in special stock for the festival were extremely popular and sold well. We’ll be ordering more plus-size yukatas for future events, and we should have them back in stock in time for Matsuricon in Columbus, Ohio. The new location for the Festival is a great enhancement to the festival and has opened the door to great potential and growth for the Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival.

Thank you all for your support, see you at Matsuricon and Youmacon this year!

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