Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan

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Do you know the northernmost island of Japan? With its frozen sea and mountains, Hokkaido offers a magical landscape that reveals all the magic of winter. In summer, the island is appreciated for its mild temperatures and its impressive corners. In autumn, the island is adorned with extravagant colors. eastern hokkaido an ideal destination for nature lovers and hikers. Ancient land of the Japanese aborigines, the region has managed to retain its wild soul. Discover one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago.

Brief introduction to the island of Hokkaido in Japan

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Not far from Siberia, Hokkaido (北海道) is the largest island in the archipelago just after Honshu. In addition, it is separated from the latter by the Strait of Tsugaru. Surrounded by the sea (Sea of ​​Japan and Sea of ​​Okhotsk) and the Pacific Ocean, its name means ” north sea road “. Hokkaido represents both a region and prefecture of Japan.

Diversified landscapes

The island covers an area of 83,454 km2 offering grandiose landscapes: mountains, forests, lakes and great plains populated by wild animals. It also includes small islands like rishiri, ohshiri. Hokkaido is a popular destination for its ski resortsI know thermal waters and its natural places handsome.

low population density

The concentration of inhabitants remains low for this extensive territory. Indeed, japanese island counts only a little more than 5 million inhabitants, which is very low compared to the national average. You should know that the region was colonized by the Japanese less than two centuries ago. The population is concentrated in Sapporo, the capital. Built in the Meiji era, it is today the fifth most populous city in the archipelago. In addition, its architecture is particularly modern with a western style.

an aboriginal culture

Previously, the island of Hokkaido was occupied by Aïnous. Do you remember that these are the aborigines of Japan? Today they represent only a small part of the population, however the culture of this indigenous people is still very marked on the island. For example, there are many names of places and peoples of Ainu origin. The Ainu believe that every animal or plant has a soul and they worship the deities of nature..

Cold winters and cool summers

The climate is particularly harsh in winter with temperatures reaching -20°C in some places. He too Snow storms Arrivals from Siberia are quite frequent. In summer, temperatures are pleasant and hover around 20 degrees. That’s why Hokkaido is a popular destination of the Japanese from the month of May.

? Travel to Japan: What to do in Hokkaido ?

Marvel, relax, play sports, eat well… activities are not lacking on this wonderful Japanese island. Here it is Top 7 things to do in Hokkaido.

1. ? Attend the Sapporo Snow Festival

sapporo snow festival

Source: japancheapo.com

The Sapporo Festival or Sapporo Yuki Matsuri It is one of the most amazing in Japan. Famous all over the world, it attracts many tourists every year in February. In the odori parkyou can admire huge snow sculptures that light up at night. Without forget the ice statues from the neighborhood of suskino. An unforgettable show!

2. ⛷ Skiing in Japan, at Niseko resort

niseko station

Source: wonderful-japan.com

Hokkaido’s ski resorts are popular with the Japanese for winter sports. In addition to its 500 km of slopes and numerous lifts, the snow is of exceptional quality. Skiers and snowboarders have a field day! The most famous ski resort at an international level is undoubtedly Niseko United. It is also one of the largest stations in Japan. With its four ski areas, you’ll have plenty to enjoy in the powder!

3. ? Try the famous Sapporo beer

sapporo beer

Source: misstamchiak.com

The gastronomy is not far behind on the island of Hokkaido! we enjoyed the tasty local specialties such as shellfish, fish, ramen and we drink delicious beers. eh yes, sapporo beer It is one of the most popular in Japan. It is recognized by its golden color and its slight bitterness. The oldest beer in the country, it is also famous throughout the world. feel free to visit the beer museum which is none other than Japan’s first industrial brewery.

4. ? Take a walk through one of the island’s national parks

daisetsuzan park

daisetsuzan park

Whatever the seasons, the scenery is absolutely stunning. in Hokkaido. Walk through the most beautiful national parks in Japan, surrounded by volcanoes, lakes and forests. Walk in the abundant nature of daisetsuzan park either Akan National Park. Observe the fauna and flora that are still preserved in the peninsula of shiretoko listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You may be lucky enough to see wild animals like our bruns and the red foxes ?

5. ? See Red-crowned Cranes in Hokkaido

Grues Kushiro Shitsugen

Emblem of Japan, the crane almost disappeared at the beginning of the 20th century. this majestic bird particularly revered by the Japanese is a symbol of longevity Y chance. today we count more than 1,800 people on the island of Hokkaido where they can be admired. the Kushiro Shitsugen National Park and the town of Tsurui are the best places to observe them. don’t miss the show seduction dances during the breeding season.

6. ? Relax in a Noboribetsu onsen

Noboribetsu onsen

read ours They are the hot springs of Japan, of volcanic origin. Japanese people love to sunbathe at these hot springs, especially when it’s really cold outside. relax in a hot spring in the middle of the mountains after a busy day. the Noboribetsu Onsen is one of the most famous resorts in Hokkaido and Japan with these 9 hot springs and its beautiful surroundings. You will not be disappointed!

7. ? Admire the lavender fields in Furano

lavender fields in furano

In the heart of Hokkaido, two hours from Sapporo, is the city of Furanknown for her lavender cultivation. In summer, around July, it is the flowering period and the city attracts many tourists. Discover the ferme Tomita and its large fields of brightly colored lavender. You can take full advantage of the color palettes offered by hyacinths, marigolds, and other cultivated flowers. The beauty of the landscape is incomparable.

Hokkaido is not always the first destination that comes to mind when talking about a trip to Japan, however, its charm is surprising. Both modern and preserved, this island of a thousand wonders sure to seduce lovers of nature or snow. And you, what Japanese island do you dream of?

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