In Stock: Maruguke Obijime

Added to our online store this week, as part of our weekly restock, is a nice selection of ready-to-wear maruguke obijime. maruguke obijime They are a formal type of obijime often associated with bridal attire, however they come in a variety of styles and colors making them suitable for formal kimono attire. Most of the time you will see maruguke obijime paired with furisodium.

Maruguke obijime are unique in that they are not a braid, but a round padded cord. The inner padding of the maruguke obijime can be made of wool, cotton or polyester padding. Most of the time, other styles of obijime are a code style twisted into a flat or round style and are suitable for a wide range of formalities. However, the maruguke obijime is largely considered formal attire and is most often made of beautiful brocade with metallic colored accents.

Like most other styles of obijime, the maruguke obijime also features decorative tasseled ends. Other formal styles of obijime that can be worn with furisode include the marugumi obijime, which can have accents such as beads and pearls woven into its complex braids. Maruguke obijime are not as common as marugumi obijime, which are much more common and modern. Maruguke obijime is considered a somewhat older style of obijime and is regaining popularity in recent years for its graceful statement.

Due to the thick nature of the quilted maruguke obijme cord, they are generally not tied into overly complex knots, preferring simpler, beginner-friendly knots. There are maruguke obijime in simpler, understated colors and designs that help reduce their formality when worn.

The selection of colors and styles we stock is wonderful, and in the coming weeks you can expect us to add more Maruguke obijime to our online selection of obijime. If you are a fan of formal kimono outfits, you should check out our selection.

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