Japanese street food in 10 specialties

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In Japan, the traditional cuisine It is an art that nourishes body and mind.

Delicious and tasty, Japanese street food attracts more and more inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun and tourists from all over the world. Developed from the Edo period, to feed the lords of the provinces and samurai on the roads, today it is very present during parties or in frequented places.

Today Universe of Japan reveals to you 10 unmissable culinary specialtiesas well as tips for tasting.

A brief history of Japanese street food

japanese street food

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Did you know the origin of japanese street food ? In the seventeenth century, the Tokugawa shogunate he regularly assembled his servants at court. So the warlords and the followers of him, the samurai He traveled a lot to reach the capital. Little by little, some street stalls they began to appear on the sides of the roads to supply the warriors in their path. it was the beginning of peddlers and the mobile stalls I call it is. Over time, the cooking specialties Japanese street food began to democratize and that is how it became established in Japan, especially in the most crowded places. popular festivals or Matsuri, as well as the most visited buildings such as temples and shrines are always surrounded by street stalls. Today the japanese food trucks are less present than before although they are still very numerous, particularly in Fukuoka city and during festivals.

Where to try street food in Japan ?


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If street food is omnipresent in the archipelago, some places are perfect for tasting the best Japanese specialities: Do you want to discover the typical japanese flavors and taste the most popular dishes of the country? It’s over here!

Tokyo street food

the ameyoko market It is very famous for its street food. You will have the opportunity to discover many stalls offering a wide variety of local dishes. Still in the capital, a few steps from the famous Nakamise Dori Street in the Azakusa district, hop street it is known for its small restaurants and yatai.

Local specialties in Kansai

On the island of Honshu, the city ofosaka it is considered the mecca of Japanese street food with its many stalls and breweries. The prices are very attractive! Located in the Nipponbashi district, kuromon market It is one of the best places to try the local gastronomy with its countless stalls selling fresh produce. Equally, Nishiki Market in Kyoto It is also a very famous place in Japanese gastronomy.

Fukuoka, the city of yatai

North of the island of Kyushu, the coastal city of Fukuoka and its Nakasu Entertainment Center are well-known places to eat delicious Japanese food without breaking the bank.

Street food in Chubu

The old market of Omicho in Kanazawa offers many culinary specialties such as amazon ice cream or seafood… Finally, in the mountain city of Takayama, Sanmachi Street offers something to feast on with traditional Hida beef dishes while sipping on a good sake glass.

Japanese street food specialties

Meltuous, crispy, foamy, fresh, juicy, offering Japanese specialties unique textures, aromas and flavors to be discovered by our western palates. Here are 10 popular dishes that you should definitely try on your trip to Japan.

1. ? Takoyaki: octopus balls


This Japanese culinary specialty is typical of Osaka. ” takoyaki “means literally” Octopus on the grill “. They are small fritters filled with octopus covered with fried crumbs and dried bonito. All accompanied by takoyaki sauce (sweet and salty) and mayonnaise. Most of the time this japanese street food It is sold in lots of 4 or 6 balls.

2. ? Yakitori: Japanese skewers


Those are grilled meat skewers made with pork belly or chicken thigh. Juicy and tender, these skewers covered with sweet soy sauce are very tasty. For the record, the yakitori were served at the daimyo of the komoro castle in the Edo period. This Japanese snack is a complete success in the archipelago and abroad and there are many variants of yakitori such as the veal and cheese skewer in France.

3. ? Yakisoba: grilled noodles


« Struggle means “grilled” and ” Soba “noodles”. these nsautéed ouilles infused with yakisoba sauce they have a really delicious salty-sweet grilled flavor. Accompanied by thinly sliced ​​meat (pork, chicken, beef) or vegetables (mushrooms, carrots, onions, tofu…) this cheap dish often sold in it is or served in izakaya (traditional Japanese cuisine restaurants).

4. ? Imagagawaki: pancakes for the hungry


Those are very popular desserts in japan that look like pancakes covered with red bean paste adzuki (anko) or other sweet and even savory fillings. Chocolate, matcha, curry or potato flavors… there are many variations.

did you know Imagawaki were invented in the 18th century and are named after the bridge under which they were sold.

5. ? The okonomiyaki: pancake for big appetites


His name means “What you like on the grill”. It is a japanese pancake very thick, quite firm texture, made with many ingredients. The dough is covered with cabbage, egg, grilled pork, fish, seaweed, vegetables… and everything is seasoned with a sweet and sour sauce called okonomiyaki sauce. A real pleasure !

6. ? Karaage: delicious nuggets


Those are fried meat or fish previously marinated in a spicy ginger sauce and then rolled in corn or potato starch. The resulting texture is deliciously crisp. The most popular karrage are those made with fried chicken. you will fall in love with this street snack served with mayonnaise sauce.

7. ? Taiyaki: fish cake


Taiyaki means “cooked bream” in the land of the rising sun. Typical Japanese cake, this fish shaped waffle is traditionally filled with anko (sweet red bean paste). This cake is also available with chocolate or fruit pastry cream. It is frequently found during matsuri to the delight of festival goers and tourists.

8. ? Dango: Colorful Sweets


Dango are very colorful treats (green, pink, etc.) served on skewers of 3-4 pieces. Those are small mochi balls (sweet sticky rice) with flavors of matcha, vanilla, cherry blossom, or fruit, often accompanied by green tea. A great classic of Japanese confectionery, this gourmet and regressive snack has found its place in sleeve.

9. ? Dorayaki: Sweet Burger


Favorite sweetness of the famous Doaraemon chatbotdorayaki is a kind of small sweet burger with two superimposed pancakes that can be enjoyed at any time. inside? A heart with red bean cream or other sweet filling.

10. ? Kakigori: Summer Star


Very refreshing, this Japanese dessert, especially appreciated in summer, has crossed borders. with his look extravagant and its perfumes declined to infinity, this crushed ice she has even become a real star on Instagram! Originally, the kakigori was intended for the nobles of the imperial court during the Heian period. It is a huge granita covered with syrup of various flavors and colors (green tea, red bean, strawberry, yuzu…). There is something for all tastes!

Now that your mouth is watering over these Japanese street food specialties, you must be really hungry! While you wait to discover them on the site, you will find many recipes on the Internet to cook them yourself. So go to your kitchen! And what are your favorite dishes?

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