Kimono and Obi replacement! – November 16, 2022

As part of our push to really stock our online kimono shop ahead of our annual Black Friday sale, we’re launching more kimonos and obi on the website! We have added another selection of vintage Japanese kimonos and a large selection of beautiful hanhaba obi added to the site.

Our annual Black Friday sale is next week, however, as most of our stock is one of a kind, we recommend that you purchase your favorite kimono or obi before the sale. Because once a kimono or obi has been sold, it will most likely never be available again. If there is something in our kimono shop, waiting until the sale is risky!

In the coming days, customers can expect more restocking from our kimono store. We have big plans to boost the men’s juban, kimono and more!

Hanhaba Obi:

Selection of casual kimono –

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