Nagoya, Fukuro and Hanhaba Obi REPLACEMENT

What better way to start the new year than to give your favorite kimono a whole new look by pairing it with a new-for-you obi? By popular demand, we have restocked our selection of obi. Our first major restock of the year includes a selection of gently used vintage nagoya, fukuro, and hanhaba obi. Spring and summer are just a few months away, so now might be the perfect time to think about your own yukata coordinations and consider a new hanhaba obi? Or maybe some formal occasions are coming up this year and you need a formal obi like a fukuro obi? Or maybe you just want a fun obi every day, like a nagoya obi to wear?

Regardless of your reason or need, we have restocked our obi for the first week of 2023. In the coming weeks we plan to restock many kimonos and jubans. Also, we are gearing up for our first big extravaganza of the year where we will have our annual $20 kimono sale at! See you at Ohayocon 2023 in Columbus, Ohio!

Our nagoya obi the selection has grown!

Our selection of hanhaba obi it has grown! Added new, old and old hanhaba obi!

Our selection of fukuro obi has been expanded! Includes a selection of formal and informal styles!

Thank you for your patience this Christmas season and why we were very sick with the respiratory virus. Happy New Year! We’re pushing hard to catch up with the kimono shop, and we’re excited to kick off 2023.

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