Resupply: Nagoya Obi

Over the last month, we have been working long hours to redo our kimono store and order our inventory. As part of this process, we have committed to completely rebuilding our nagoya obi inventory and online kimono shop listings from the ground up. If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to check out our selection of vintage nagoya obi in good condition! All this week we have many more obi to add to the site, and we are excited to fully review and list a great selection of beautiful ready-to-wear nagoya obi ready for any kimono coordination you can dream of.

Nagoya obi are a type of obi worn by women in a wide range of settings: from an everyday casual kimono to various more formal types of kimono, such as a houmongi. These types of obi require additional accessories to be worn traditionally: makura, obiage, obijime, and obi-ita are recommended, as is an obidome.

Included in the selection of nagoya obi for sale is a rare black obi from ro nagoya that is likely an antique. This rare antique features a Japanese dragon in metallic gold, set amongst waves of silver.

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As a note, due to the covid catch, we have a shipping delay.

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