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Okinawa is known as the “Hawaii of Japan” for good reason, as this group of islands in southern Japan is where people go to enjoy blue oceans, white sand beaches, and lush nature. A subtropical paradise, Okinawa is a dream destination for those who enjoy activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sports, as well as plenty of Instagram-worthy spots. The best way to enjoy a relaxing break on Japan’s island paradise is to stay at a luxury resort in Okinawa, where everything you need is right at your fingertips. Here is a list of the top 10 luxury hotels on the main island of Okinawa!

1. Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort

Centrally located in bustling Chatan, the Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort is in the middle of all the action and only 40 minutes from the airport. The resort offers an ideal base from which you can easily reach popular attractions such as American Village, Naha with its International Street, Okinawa Castle and Churaumi Aquarium. Several beautiful beaches are within a short drive, and the resort itself offers several large pools, organized activities, live entertainment, and an on-site spa offering relaxing treatments.

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2. The Terrace Club Wellness Resort in Busena

Nicknamed the “Ultimate Wellness Resort” for good reason, the Terrace Club Wellness Resort in Busena is paradise on earth where you can check in for complete rest and relaxation in one of the most magnificent places in the world. Located in Nago, the water here is a deeper shade of turquoise and the atmosphere is much calmer compared to the area around the airport. Not far from Nago, you’ll find world-class diving spots like Gorilla Chop and Sesoko Island. A range of marine activities and leisure programs are offered such as yoga on the beach and outdoor sports, and you can enjoy incredible sunsets from your room or the pool. If you want to go shopping, the hotel has attractive shops on site. And it goes without saying that the resort is also home to a wonderful spa that offers massages and other relaxing treatments.

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3. Hiyori Ocean Resort Okinawa

Onna-son is a well-known destination in Okinawa due to the popular Moon Beach and the famous Blue Grotto near Cape Maeda. If you feel like doing something more active than lounging on the beach, you can visit the nearby Onna Forest Adventure for some fun zip-lining action. There are also many small cafes in picturesque surroundings. Hiyori Ocean Resort Okinawa is located right in the middle of it all and is a great hotel offering spacious modern rooms, two large pools, a well equipped gym and the most amazing views of the East China Sea. Dine at one of the resort’s restaurants and opt for a relaxing massage or spa treatment.

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4. Hotel Nikko Alivila

Beach lovers should head to Yomitan, a city in the middle of the main island of Okinawa that has no shortage of amazing beaches. Hotel Nikko Alivila is located right next to Nirai Beach, which has a safe swimming area and a large stretch of white sand. Coral reefs and tropical fish abound, so bring your snorkeling gear and experience the best of Okinawa’s underwater world. The Spanish-style resort has strong Mediterranean vibes and will put you in vacation mode in no time. There are fun activities organized by the resort for people of all ages, and the breakfast buffet is a daily highlight with various foods and drinks from Okinawa and around the world.

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5. Sheraton Okinawa Sunmarina Resort

The quiet area where the Sheraton Okinawa Sunmarina Resort is located is known for its nature and beaches, but during your stay at this luxurious resort, you may not want to leave the hotel because everything you need is right here. You can book all kinds of activities in the sea, enjoy an exciting 250-meter zip line that allows you to fly over the incredibly blue ocean and relax on the private beach in front of the hotel, ideal for swimming and freediving. The resort’s two restaurants serve delicious cuisine in a tropical setting with a terrace. In the evening, it’s nice to get fully warmed up in the Japanese-style bath and sauna to end the day in a relaxing way.

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6. ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort

With a location surrounded by a national park full of coral reefs, the ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort is another one of those resorts that you may not want to leave during your stay. This very large hotel has the signature touch of luxury of the ANA Intercontinental brand and boasts a long coastline with multiple beaches perfect for relaxation and activities. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the Manza Ocean Park, which is filled with large inflatables for running, sliding, and sliding, and the roped-off area right next to it is perfect for long swims. But that’s not all, as there are more than 40 different activities to choose from at this resort, such as jet-skiing, snorkeling, a catamaran cruise, a coral conservation excursion, and much more. . The hotel rooms are spacious and comfortable and the dining options are second to none with evening entertainment in the lounge.

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7. Hilton Okinawa Mall

Sesoko is a small island located in one of the most attractive places on the main island. Far from the crowds of the island’s capital, it is one of the best places to immerse yourself in nature and beach life. The Hilton Okinawa Sesoko Resort is just a 2-minute walk from the 800-meter-long soft white sand beach, where you’re sure to spend a lot of time during your stay. Returning to your room at the end of the day is an equally rewarding experience as you will have a magnificent view of the cobalt blue sea from a functional and comfortable room. The complex also features a seasonal outdoor pool, a year-round indoor pool, and a fitness center. and the gastronomic options in the 3 hotel restaurants are, of course, also exquisite. In 2023, they will also have a free fireworks show every Saturday that you will have the luxury of admiring from your room’s balcony.

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If you are looking for a true hidden paradise feeling, Away Okinawa Kouri Island Resort is the place for you. The charming island of Kouri is small and connected to the main island by a bridge. Many tourists come here just to take photos of the bridge because the ocean is very blue here. Divers have a good chance of encountering beautiful seahorses in the ocean surrounding this island. The hotel has a gorgeous outdoor pool overlooking the bridge and ocean, lovely outdoor seating, and a wonderful Italian restaurant, so all the ingredients for the perfect getaway are here.

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9. University of Okinawa

Located along a long stretch of white sand beach, Halekulani Okinawa is a luxury resort where you can enjoy all the best that Okinawa has to offer in a beautiful setting. With gorgeous indoor and outdoor pools, a cool semi-outdoor terrace, elegantly designed rooms, a relaxing spa, 4 signature restaurants, and a wide range of activities to suit everyone’s interests, your stay here will be as seamless as possible. . Enjoy a day full of water sports or charter a cruise and relax with a drink in hand as you watch the sunset from the bar to end a memorable day.

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10. Okinawan Renaissance Complex

Located in the Onna area on the main island of Okinawa, this resort sits right on the water. With indoor and outdoor pools, a private beach, and different types of family rooms, this property is ideal for families. There are a number of different marine activities you can do nearby, and beautiful Cape Maeda and Moon Beach are within easy reach. They also have an amazing restaurant, a gym and a spa and wellness center for you to completely relax and unwind.

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