VAT, GST, Sales Tax in EU, UK, AUS, New Zealand, USA, etc.

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Due to legislation, VAT/GST/Sales Tax will be charged when purchasing on orders to the European Union (less than €150), *United Kingdom* (under £135), Norway (less than 3,000 NOK), *New Zealand*and Australia (less than $1,000). *Orders above these amounts will require taxes and fees to be collected at time of delivery.*
***We currently do not collect tax on orders to the UK or New Zealand due to the move to Shopify. We are working to resolve this issue.***
Currently, we only collect sales tax from customers in the state of Minnesota, but we will add states as time goes on.
We are registered with the IOSS through an intermediary and will collect, remit and report taxes to the EU. By placing an order within these tax limits, you will not pay any additional fees when the package arrives (except in some countries, such as Belgium).
The benefit of this system is that packets *below tax collection threshold* it will no longer be held by Customs and almost all additional processing fees per package will be eliminated.
We suggest that customers from the EU, UK, Norway and Australia place each order below the respective tax collection limit.
By placing your order under the limit, you will pay taxes now and will not have to pay additional Customs fees, as well as the full amount of taxes when your packages arrive.
Order limit to tax:
EU: €150
UK: £135
OUTPUT: $1,000
Norway: NOK 3,000
When placing orders above these amounts, taxes will not be charged at checkout and you will need to pay taxes and processing fees when the package arrives.
**We have had repeated problems with Spanish deliveries incorrectly charging VAT and processing fees when using the Postal Service. It may be better to place orders over €150 and pay by bank transfer to get the best discount, or upgrade to Yamato/UPS.**

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