We just expanded our selection of obi!

Slowly but surely, our selection of authentic Japanese kimonos and related items, such as kitsuke and obi dressing tools, is growing! Our latest addition to our kimono dress shop is heko obi! Heko obi is a wonderful beginner-friendly obi for all genders and is considered casual wear. They’re the perfect addition to any matsuri-worthy yukata collection! An entire section dedicated to heko obi on our site is a wonderful expansion for our customers, and to begin our selection, we make sure to offer a good mix of silk heko obi with wonderful shibori designs in various styles.

You can check out our new heko obi section of the store by visiting the heko obi page!

Visit our Heko Obi Selection

As of today, we have a shipping delay due to a trip to the show. Thank you all for your patience.

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