What to do in Tokyo?

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Within Top 10 Must-See Cities in JapanTokyo is in the lead! With its mixture of tradition and modernity, the megalopolis has everything to make you live an unforgettable experience.

The majority what to do in tokyo to make the most of your stay in the Japanese capital? Focus on Tokyo’s most iconic sights and must-do activities!

? Why visit Tokyo ?

Huge multifaceted city, the capital of japan it is full of points of interest and things to do for tourists. The contrast between the effervescence of lively neighborhoods and the calm of traditional places is impressive! In addition, Tokyo is the perfect destination to discover all aspects of Japanese culture : traditions, folklore, spirituality through pop culture and the phenomenon kawaii ! Occupations abound in Tokyo!

? Visit lively neighborhoods

crowded areas of tokyo

Savor the craziness of the capital’s most bubbly neighborhoods! Between the buildings, billboards and neon lights, experience the frenzy of modern Japan and the otaku culture in the liveliest places in Tokyo: Shibuya, Harajuku, Akihabara, Shinjuku or Ginza. Take the opportunity to buy and have fun!

? Discover traditions and culture

Despite its great modernity and advanced technology, Tokyo has managed to preserve its traditions. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Japan of yesteryear by visiting ueno, Asakusa and the old traditional neighborhoods of Tokyo… Discover the folklore of Matsurithe peaceful way of life of the inhabitants, the arts and the spirituality that reigns in the archipelago.

⛩ Visit temples and shrines



Impossible to go to Japan without visiting the magnificent temples and shrines ! Far from the hectic pace of the “hot” neighborhoods, the city offers many quiet and relaxing places of worship. meet at Senso-hee, the oldest Buddhist temple in the metropolis. Above all, don’t miss the Meijijingu, the most popular shrine in Tokyo. Finally, the Gotoku-ji and his maneki-neko or the nezu jinja they are absolutely amazing.

? Strolling through the Japanese gardens



In Tokyo, the most romantic can stroll and relax in the parks and zen gardens while taking advantage illuminations in winter or cherry blossoms in spring. Ueno Park, Sumida Park, Shinjuku Gyoen, Imperial Palace gardens… there is no shortage of green spaces in the capital.

? Discover the history of Japan at the museum

Whether it’s the Sumida Hokusai Museum, Studio Ghibli, or even Edo-Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolis is packed with museums to grow and learn history of japan.

? Try the local specialties

Everywhere in Tokyo, you can drink and eat the local specialties in izakaya (sort of bistro) and enjoy excellent Japanese street food. Don’t miss the typical dishes and drinks such as delicious soba, sushi and sake!

✨ Enjoy the nightlife



Tokyo is also nicknamed the city that never sleeps… As night falls, night owls party in the lively neighborhoods of Shibuya, shinjuku either Roppongi where there are many bars, maid cafes, discos, discos and karaoke.

? Getting around by public transport

Trains, subways and buses actively serve the city. Also, the capital of Japan is known for its most efficient railway system. Therefore, Tokyoites move easily around public transport. Did you know that children usually go to school alone? This is not so surprising when you know that Japan is one of the least dangerous countries in the world, with a low crime rate. Also, the line Yamanote drawing a circuit around the city will be very convenient for you to move around Tokyo.

How long to visit Tokyo ?

tokyo mount fuji

Whether you have chosen to spend your entire vacation in Tokyo or simply stop over there before visiting other Japanese cities, the minimum duration to visit the capital is five days. Yes, there are so many things to see and do! Even more so if you want to visit the surroundings like Mount Fuji!

? What neighborhoods to visit in Tokyo ?

In the megalopolis, certain neighborhoods are absolutely unmissable:

?‍♂ Shibuya, the trendy neighborhood

Impossible to go to Tokyo without visiting Shibuyathe most emblematic neighborhood of the capital and its impressive crossroads full of people (Shibuya Crossing). Fashion lovers will love this top. hot spot Y tokyo youth, forerunner of all trends. Shibuya is the district of excesses with its gigantic towers dedicated to shopping! At night, the atmosphere is there, with the many clubs and bars.

?‍♂ Harajuku, the corner of eccentricity


lovers of cosplay and the curious will appreciate the district ofharajuku where manga heroes can be seen strolling on weekends, especially on the famous walking street Takeshita-dori. If you want to relax after your shopping, know that the park is just a few steps from the shops. yoyogi and the meiji shrine.

? Akihabara, paradise for geeks and otakus

Nicknamed the electronic district, akihabara It is the favorite neighborhood of technicians and the geeks on the lookout for the latest news. Manga fans will also have a great time. In addition to countless high-tech boutiques, the district is known for its coffee maid. (Japanese bistro with waitresses in cosplay) and its shopping center dedicated to otakus, not forgetting the famous store yodobashi.

?Asakusa, the atmosphere of old Tokyo


Despite its modern frenzy, Tokyo has kept its ancient traditions. Located along the Sumida River, Asakuza is one of the historical places from the city. Known for its ancient Buddhist temple sensojiyour lightning gate Kaminarimonand its commercial street Nakamise Dorithe district offers many shops, as well as great walks in the parks.

⚔ Ueno, the soul of the last samurai

In the authentic and cozy neighborhood of Ueno, there is a huge park where Tokyoites traditionally celebrate cherry blossoms when spring arrives. This history-rich district also has many museums, including the Tokyo National Museum. In Ueno, you can relax in the park and zoo, cultivate yourself in the museum, or stroll through the main shopping street of Ameyoko and its great market!

? Yanaka and Nezu, the historic neighborhoods


In Tokyo, some places remain frozen in time. It is the case of Nezu et Stuff. In these districts with picturesque alleys you will find small traditional shopssince Craft shops and the Sacred places everywhere. don’t miss the Yanaka Cemetery and the Nezu Jinja Shinto Shrine.

? Odaiba entertainment hotspot

Located on an artificial island, Odaiba is entirely dedicated to entertainment with its shops, concert halls, Ferris wheel and giant gundam statue. Tokyoites like to relax there on weekends with family or friends. Live the sky train experience yurikamome to get to the island and enjoy the many attractions.

? Shinjuku, the commercial district of Tokyo

The economic lung of Tokyo, Shinjuku is known for its busiest station in the world and its awesome skyline. In this district you can go shopping, have a coffee or a drink in a themed bar, go out to a party or even take a walk through the Shinjuku Gyoen National Park.

? Ginza, the Japanese Champs Elysees


If you like luxury boutiques and fine dining, go to Ginza. Leave the famous Chuô-dori street to see the big brands with modern design. Admire the iconic kabukiza theater dedicated to traditional Japanese arts. This chic neighborhood at the forefront of modernity will surprise you!

? In which neighborhood to sleep in Tokyo ?

To choose the place where you will deposit your luggage during your stay in Tokyo, it is essential to take into account three criteria: the geographical location, the atmosphere of the neighborhood and the price of accommodation. Also, the type of accommodation matters. A traditional inn (ryokan) will be perfect for a new experience. For those who prefer comfort, the hotel is still a good idea.

? Best located:

Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya and Marunouchi are particularly well located neighborhoods that are well served by public transport.

?The cheapest:

Luxury hotels in uptown areas like Ginza are usually very expensive. You can find more affordable accommodation, but often further afield. If you have a limited budget, turn to the traditional districts of ueno either Stuff accessible by public transport. Finally shinagawalocated south of the city allows you to enjoy cheap accommodation while enjoying a good location.

? The most lively:



Do you like night life? Choose lively neighborhoods like Shibuya, harajuku either Roponji that comes to life at nightfall. Are you a fan of video games or manga: akihabara It will be the ideal place to stay.

? The most traditional:

If you prefer the tranquility and authenticity of traditional Japan, opt for Ueno or Yanaka served by the famous Yamamote Circle Line. Asakusa It is also a very interesting place with many traditional ryokan.

?‍? What to eat in Tokyo ?

japanese gastronomy

The japanese gastronomy attracts many tourists. Do not miss the typical dishes! Whether in the set (nearby convenience store), izakaya (Japanese restaurants) or in the it is (street stall), delicious dishes await you!

Broth Noodle Recipes

Hot or cold buckwheat noodles often served with sauce

Salty eggplant fritters, cabbage, carrot, prawns, squid…

  • Tokyo tendon (tempura-donburi):

Tempura over rice bowl with spicy and sweet sauce

Fried breaded pork with cabbage and rice

    Rice ball stuffed with fish, vegetables or salted plum

    Cabbage pancake made with various ingredients (pork, prawns, egg, tempura, spring onion…)

    Chicken, beef, pork or fish skewer with small pieces

    Japanese traditional dumplings

    Fish cake with red beans

    Pot au feu based on pond loaches (freshwater fish)

    There is no need to present this dish based on raw fish and rice with vinegar ?

    visit tokyo

    you would have understood Tokyo is the ideal city to immerse yourself in the heart of Japanese traditions while experiencing the otaku madness. It is also one of the best places to learn about the history of Japan and enjoy the greatest attractions. Escape to beautiful Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, shop in vibrant neighborhoods, and don’t forget to enjoy the nightlife and great food. Tokyoite !

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