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Over the past decade, Japan has successively ranked among the countries with the highest life expectancy in the world. According to some statistics, the average Japanese is expected to live past 80 years, regardless of gender, which is about 10 years longer than the world’s average life expectancy.

But how do the Japanese stay healthy and live so long? Is there a hidden secret behind Japan’s longevity? Here you will learn the five secrets that help the Japanese to stay healthy and maintain the highest life expectancy in the world!

1. Japanese healthy food

Sashimi is very healthy and top quality here in Japan.

Traditional Japanese meals consist of healthy, low-calorie dishes that mostly contain lots of vegetables, fruits, beans, fish, and other types of plant-based foods. Although the amount of meat consumed per person in Japan is increasing every year, some statistics show that the Japanese eat less meat compared to other developed countries in the world.

Instead, a wide variety of fresh seafood has traditionally been used in Japanese meals. This is mainly because Japan is surrounded by the sea. The most popular Japanese seafood dish options include Sushi and Sashimis, which have also become more popular around the world in recent years as a healthy diet.

2. Drink tea

Drinking a cup of tea a day has many health benefits.

Since ancient times, a wide variety of tea has been consumed around the world as a tasty and healthy drink. The Japanese especially like green tea, which contains a small amount of caffeine compared to black tea or coffee. The health benefits of drinking green tea include lower risks of a variety of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, to name a few.

In addition, tea contains a substance called antioxidants, which are also found in high proportions in fruits and vegetables. This substance stimulates your immune system, so drinking a moderate amount of tea a day will protect your body against illnesses ranging from a mild cold to cancer. Antioxidants are also exceptionally effective against aging, helping your skin look young and beautiful.

3. Smaller portions of food

Japanese portions seem small, but they are very filling.

If you have ever visited restaurants or cafes in Japan, you may have been surprised by the dishes that are served in small portions. There is also a traditional Japanese term, “Hara Hachi bu” (腹八分), which means that it is healthy to stop eating when you are 80% full. If you continue to eat until you’re completely full, you take in extra calories and experience a sudden increase in blood pressure, which could eventually cause serious illness. This is why many Japanese believe that light meals will help them live a long life.

4. Less fast food

Japanese junk food is of course very popular, but not as common as in the West.

Compared to Western countries, the Japanese are said to eat less fast food thanks to their high level of health consciousness. For lunch, many Japanese cook healthy dishes like rice, miso soup, and grilled fish at home. Others who don’t have time can grab fast food like Onigiri (rice dumplings), which are usually just ¥100.

For lunch, Japan offers a wide variety of healthy options to choose from. A portion of Japanese fast food chains mainly serve udon noodles, soba noodles, sushi, and gyudon (meat bowls), which are reasonably available and the most popular choices among busy workers. If you order a typical gyudon meal in Japan, it will come with a small salad, miso soup, Japanese pickled vegetables, and an egg.

5. Travel by public transport instead of the car

Walking to and from the station can really add up in terms of physical benefits.

If you live in or plan to move to urban areas in Japan, such as Tokyo and Osaka, owning a car is not necessary. In major cities, the public transportation system is advanced and incredibly reliable in terms of accuracy and safety. As a result, many Japanese take public transportation such as trains, buses, and subways every day to get to work or school, which helps them get more exercise than driving a car. . Commuting by bicycle has also become popular in recent years as an ecological and healthy option, thanks to the expansion of bicycle lanes throughout the country.

As you learned from the article, Japanese people live long simply because they eat healthy and exercise every day while traveling on public transportation. When it comes to healthy food options, you’ll never have a hard time finding places where you can enjoy a variety of healthy, tasty, and affordable Japanese dishes just like the locals.

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