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The weather in Japan can be rainy and unpredictable at times. Only an alternate plan can save the day! If bad weather is forecast, it’s better to spend the day indoors than risk catching a cold. Tokyo Mysterious Circus is a 6-story tall building filled with various mysteries and puzzles. They offer services and games in multiple languages ​​such as English, Japanese, and Chinese, with more to come! Read on if you want to learn more about the exciting mysteries each floor has to offer!

1. Entry

Upon entering the facility, you will be greeted by a red circus aesthetic with a ticket window and two elevators to your left. There is also a small cafeteria where you can enjoy ice cream or chips. On the right side there is a section dedicated to the sale of goods, goods and puzzles. Since they have many anime collaborations like Demon Slayer, Detective Conan, and Attack on Titan, they also have anime-themed games to offer.

2. Group events

The largest room that they usually use to celebrate events is in the basement. Here they organize games in which large groups can solve a mystery, a murder or participate in other interactive activities. Using technologically advanced tools, they create an immersive atmosphere so that the participants are fully immersed in the game. It is mainly used for team building, company parties or motivational activities, but it can also be used for personal use if you have a large group.

3. Minigames

On the second floor they have little puzzles that you can solve in 10 minutes. This is for people who are completely new to this game or just don’t have enough time to spend hours on a game. Most of them are mini games like prison escape, bank robbery and mystery mailbox game which is an adventure. and puzzle hunting game. There is an old style bookstore called Lampdou which is also located at 2North Dakota stage. Here you can buy puzzles, mystery games, original junk games and manga versions of games in different languages.

4. Real stealth games

If you prefer action packed adventures and want some adrenaline rush then you should try their Real Stealth games! These are immersive games where you are sucked into another world and have to play a certain role to achieve the goal. The theme of the game and the interior change with the seasons. Some of the popular themes in the past include: escaping from aliens and a spy having to break into a facility, among others. We got a chance to play a horror game with a ghost running after us as you had to complete a certain mission to get out of the abandoned factory. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Japanese, but you can bring a Japanese friend with you to translate the important stuff! This particular game ended on January 9, but from January 20, 2023 there will be a new game, it will be another horror game with a different theme.

5. Magic dinner

all 4me upstairs they have a magic game called Spellbound Supper until mid 2023. The game is about a witch who invited you to dinner and kills some of the guests if she doesn’t deem them worthy. The goal is to summon greater power so that you can outwit the witch by solving puzzles and mysteries. This game is very immersive and uses the latest projection mapping technology for the tabletop, along with sound effects to make it more dramatic and colorful lighting that creates a magical mood.

6. Use your 5 senses

In this series of 9 pieces located in 5me floor, you must use your 5 senses to get out of the 9-car train. Each room is small, so no more than 4 people can fit inside. As a group, they must figure out how to get out of all the rooms by strategically using their senses. It’s a fun game that you can play with your friends and you don’t need to use Japanese, English or any other language. That’s the best thing about this game! There is no language barrier!

After all that detective work, you’ll no doubt need some fuel. On the same floor, there is a standing bar with a cozy atmosphere where they serve drinks and light snacks. It is an ideal place to relax before or after each game.

7. The Werewolf Game

Of course, we also participate in a game! It was a group game of up to 6 people that is played internationally and is known and loved by all. These are werewolves that terrorize and kill humans. The main objective is to escape from a dangerous werewolf village, and there are different objectives to achieve during the game. It is quite a difficult game where you really have to use your mind. However, if you have a lot of experience solving mysteries or maybe you were a detective in your past life, we challenge you to accept this challenge!

If you’re up for an adventure or just want to show off your detective skills, then Tokyo Mystery Circus would be a great addition to your list! Even if you have no experience in escape rooms, this could be your first time! Some events are seasonal, so make sure you keep an eye out for them if you plan to come to Tokyo!

Website: Tokyo Mystery Circus

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