Hinamatsuri Detroit Institute of Arts

Hinamatsuri has once again returned to the Detroit Institute of Art. This year it was held on March 5, 2023, marking a spectacular comeback for the festival since covid. This event draws visitors from all over: Canada, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and more all head to DIA for an exceptional day of arts and culture. This event is organized by various organizations, the most notable being the Consulate General of Japan located in Detroit.

Naturally, this is the perfect excuse to wear your favorite haori or kimono. While attending the festival, there were an exceptional number of kimono-clad people, of which yukatas were the most common and popular. Over the years we have made it a point to attend this festival which started in 2017.

This year’s event didn’t include a Japanese kimono fashion show, but a kimono exhibition, hands-on origami workshops, various respected artists, storytelling, and more. It was all too easy to get lost in the elegant atmosphere of the museum as you made your way from one station to another.

For those who couldn’t make it to this year’s Hinamatsuri, we’ve put together a small photo gallery from today’s event, and we’ve also included links to the various artists that were a part of the show this year. All photos shared here were taken with permission and consent to share the photos on our blog. Of the wonderful activities that were enjoyed, Koto’s performance was a highlight, as this instrument is best heard live. True to our passion for the kimono, it was a pleasure to not only listen to the Koto, but also to observe the beautiful kimono the musicians wore.

Those reading this may notice that photos dedicated to the Hinamatsuri kimono display are missing, rest assured they will be available soon. Coverage of this event will be in various publications and we will have a publication dedicated to the Japanese kimono on display.

Hinamatsuri 2023 – Detroit Institute of Arts

Hinamatsuri artists featured in our gallery

– Mrs. Hiroko Lancour https://hirokolancour.com/

– Ms. Kyoko Fujii https://www.kyoko-shodo.amebaownd.com

– Ms. Mino Watanabe https://www.minowatanabe.com

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