Thank you for a wonderful Ohayocon 2022!

We wanted to thank you all for such an outstanding Ohayocon 2022! We cannot express how great it felt to be back on a show and how wonderful it was to see so many old friends and loyal customers. It’s been two years since we last did a kimono booth, the last show we did was Ohayocon 2020. Going back to Ohayocon 2022, we were overwhelmed and grateful for our customers’ support and outstanding sales!

At Ohayocon 2022 we made sure to bring out some of our best stock pieces that have been waiting for a new home. In stock at the fair were over 175 haori and michiyuki, over 200 yukata and more! In total, we have over 1000 items related to Japanese kimonos, obi and kitsukes, all for the enjoyment of our customers. Included in the lineup was a huge selection of men’s kimono attire that was extremely popular, so much so that we sold nearly 100% of ALL of our men’s kimonos and obi by the end of Saturday!

Our next kimono show is Animarathon in Bowling Green, Ohio! We also look forward to attending the Cherry Blossom Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Kimono Ohio – Ohayocon 2022

Kimono Ohio - Ohayocon 2022

Kimono Ohio – Ohayocon 2022

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