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Perhaps the best way to understand the size of a great metropolis is to do it from a great height. Tokyo, being one of the largest cities in the world, is no exception here. The cosmopolitan city offers many opportunities to observe its skyline from different heights, both indoors and outdoors, and sometimes even for free! From one of the many high-rise buildings, the view stretches to iconic Mount Fuji on a clear day. It will surely be a highlight of your trip when you see a stunning night view, a distant view of Mount Fuji during the day, or a beautiful sunset from there.

Enjoy the best views of Tokyo from great heights at the following places:

1. Tokyo Sky Tree

One of the most iconic places in Tokyo is Tokyo Skytree. The tallest freestanding structure in Japan was built in 2012 and offers a panoramic view on two levels; Tembo Deck (350m/1150ft) and even higher Tembo Galleria (450m/1475ft). Both bridges offer excellent panoramic views of Tokyo and can be visited separately or in combination. It is also possible to buy an express ticket to avoid the queues!

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